Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Call: lost Poem of Ernest Holmes

This poem, entitled "The Call" is one of my favorites by Ernest Holmes - however most do not know of its existence.  It can only be found in the original 1926 edition of "The Science of Mind" text, in which its local is odd at bests.  It can be found at the end of the Glossary and just before the Index (no page number).  After the reorganization of the text in 1938 - the poem disappears - and to my knowledge is not published in any other location.

My soul is stirred by this poem and serves as a focal point of my calling as a minister of New Thought.  Here it is...

The Call:

by Ernest Holmes

This I saw or else some greater presence made it known to thee,
the universe is filled with life, the earth, the sky, the sea
And teamed with Intelligence with majesty and might
Deep within me some subtle inner sight
Beholds and sees, comprehends and knows the All
No fears, no falters, but answers the Divine Call.
To be as one, beyond the bonds of time and space
To overcome the bondage of the human race
And to leap with Trust, undaunted and free,
into the deeps of that infinite sea
Who's waters, calm are ready to receive 
Those who in simple faith Believe.


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