Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Healing the Separation

Today is a significant day, not only for our country - but for the world.  It is a day that carries a heavy "pain body" triggered by the tragic events of 9-11.  Today our country takes pause to remember the fallen, the heros, the triumph of the human spirit and the deep soulful cry of the morning.  

We've all heard that in the face of conditions that we don't like - that we "Must Be the Change You wish to See in the World."  

Well, today we have two organizations in the New Thought Movement, United Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly United Church of Religious Science) and International Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Religious Science International) are giving the world a most powerful demonstration of what it is to be the change....


Here in Los Angeles, a soft morning is awakening a new day.

Arising out of the night, the eastern sky lights up its edges,
from within.

Standing on the tips of its toes,
whispering its love,
brotherhood bares its brave heart
while sisterhood,
surrenders her veils,
softening the curve of her heart.

"Are we twins, then sister?"
"Oh Brother, I don't know..."
"I remember you from birth!"
"Yes! Me too! We slid into the world head first!"

Today in Los Angeles,
two organizations - twins if you will -
reach not into their heads,
but into their common heart
and find one another
dreaming their reunion.

We are those organizations.

Twin cities, twin towers, twin children separated at birth -

Today is both a day of remembrance and reunion.

It is a remarkable day, and yet unremarkable as well.

After all, doesn't every day change history?


We ARE changing history today, and in doing so, rearranging the future.

So as we enter this day, may we be all hold a high watch as the International Centers for Spiritual Living and the United Centers for Spiritual Living join today in Los Angeles to discover our commonality, to discover how inclusive we are.

Across this planet, in every community, may we celebrate who we are and who we are becoming - two twins becoming one again - and may the integration we seek for our organizations find itself in every one of us, and may we find at the end of the day, that none of us are strangers here.

We are twins.
We are everyone.
We are Love.

Ross Foti, RScP
September 11, 2008
Los Angeles, California


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