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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Thought for Easter

As I sit at a desk overlooking the river, moving from meditation to pouring over my resources for Easter, I am moved by the notion that one must really be willing to take on the Easter Journey in consciousness in order for it to have any meaning at all in the 21st Century. In doing so it has profound possibilities for launching us into a new era of Being, not only with ourselves but with each other - with the human family and with all of creation. My prayer is that we, each in our own way, take on this journey and Rise Up to our Highest Potential in this Life. I wish for everyone a powerful Easter experience. I am truly grateful for the inspired work of Bishop John Shelby Spong who has this to say about Easter:
"Easter with is story of the resurrection can also be transformed, I believe, and carried with us into a postexilic future. Yet before that is possible, the miracles of physical resuscitation, the angles who roll stones away from tombs, and the bodies that appear out of nothing and disappear into thin air must be dismissed for the developed legends that they are. But life that transcends every human limit is a powerful portrait. Death, which opens all things to new possibilities; love, which triumphs over hatred; being, which overcomes nonbeing - those are truths to which Easter points, and those are the truths that emerge when God is met on the edges and at the limits of our finite humanity. That is what the stories of the resurrection are all about."
pg. 190 of Why Christianity Must Change or Die by John Shelby Spong

It occurs to me that Easter itself must undergo a trial, crucifixion and ultimately, resurrection for the sake of its salvation.

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  1. As a sentimental annual gathering, Easter can be quite enchanting. But, resurrection is a daily process that keeps us alert to the many possibilities that lurk just behind each obstacle. Jesus said he was going to prepare a place, not to a place prepared. He suggests that we are always in a state of preparation, open to the new and even the frightening at times. But there is always The Gift. And the gift of Easter, in my limited view, is the recognition of our own spirit in motion. Thanks for the great post.



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