Saturday, February 05, 2011

New Thought - This is our moment!

In 1959 Ernest Holmes made his last address to the Religious Science movement at Asilomar - now famously known as the "Sermon by the Sea" - The words of that address have rippled deep in to the heart of many in the movement, as a source of inspiration, aspiration and vision. Among the often quoted lines of this address is this line;
"It would be great indeed if a group of people would come to this earth who could stand for something and against nothing...."

Many like me have spent many a long meditation on just that line alone - what does that mean, and how do you go about doing such a thing? Our collective consciousness has grown a lot since 1959. We've seen the launch of the Association for Global New Thought - and its many great projects and initiatives like the annual Season for Nonviolence, a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities. Inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this international event honors their vision for an empowered, nonviolent world.

And so here we are, in the early days of this year's season - and we have an uprising in Egypt dominating the news coverage. Now, having some strife, war and chaos during the season is certainly not new - guns have not ceased to fire during this 64 day period. But what is unique about this global headline - is that it began in PEACE. The people of Egypt marched and gathered in PEACE and Nonviolence to affect change in their country. In turn - they were attacked, by the very President that tried to tell the world that he was beloved and the "protesters" were rebel trouble makers. In fact, they had made no trouble, started no violence. The President sent his own police forces, in plane clothing, into the streets to attack and instigate violence, first on the citizens, then on the media for telling the story. Remarkably - on Friday, a day of prayer, the people of Egypt returned to PEACEFUL walks and sit-ins. You can turn to many sources for reporting - I've found that Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is doing some of the best you can find.

And so, my message is simple - this is our time New Thought! Time to apply the meaning of Standing for Something - and against No-Thing. Time to Stand for Peace - and Stand with the People of Egypt. Nonviolence is the only way forward in this conflict. We can support that happening by invoking the spirit of Gandhi, King, Chavez and others - AND by encouraging the people of Egypt to continue to stand for peace and nonviolence.

Within United Centers for Spiritual Living - we are guided by a "Global Heart Vision" . One of our esteemed ministers, adapted the vision for this critical time in Egypt - We are now inviting you - to read, meditate on and share this vision and prayer - post it on facebook, email it to you contacts - and watch for youtube versions from our spiritual centers very soon. This is what Standing for Something looks like - there is nothing to stand against - we include President Mubarak in our prayers - there are many ways for the people and the government of Egypt to move forward - ours is not to take sides on how that may or may not look - but simply that the call for Peace and transformation from the people will be heard.

Join us as together we vision and affirm:

We see Egypt free of homelessness, violence, war, hunger, separation and disenfranchisement.

We see Egypt, a country in which there is generous and continuous sharing of heart and resources.

We envision Egypt as a place in which forgiveness, whether for errors, injustices, or debts, is the norm.

We embrace a vision in which Egypt has renewed its emphasis on beauty, nature, and love through the resurgence of creativity, art, and aesthetics.

We see Egypt as a place in which fellowship with all life prospers and connects through the guidance of spiritual wisdom and experience.

We envision Egypt as being an example of a place in which we live and grow as One Global Family, a place where there is respect and honor for the interconnectedness of all life.

We envision Egypt as being as a bridge across the illness and illusion of separation thereby dynamically empowering spiritual life.

We envision Egypt as being actuated by this compelling vision of her spiritual wellbeing.

We see Egypt as a global community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, thereby bringing the gift of active compassion and kindness to the world.

We see the leaders of Egypt as “points of inspiration and influence” effectively advancing the vision of a world that works for everyone.

and so it is.


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I am a member of The Centers for Spiritual Living and am proud to have entered the community in 2000, at Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn's Pacific Church of Religious Science. In my travels, no matter where in the U.S. I have attended services, I have each time been immersed in the same familial energy and am home while there.

    That being said, I see a recurring error in judgment when spiritually-guided people join discussions on our national politic. There is a naivety that is not dissimilar to the person first walking the path of consciousness and imagining that they upon that first step they have become "enlightened." They do not necessarily realize that they are on the first step of a path or that enlightenment is a process, not a destination.

    While I agree with most of Rev. David's post, the mentioning of Rachel Maddow's "reporting" is indicative of such political naivety. Maddow offers opinion, not reporting.

    She and her enthusiastic followers, who seem to relish in the host's smarminess, cannot get enough glee out of Bush-bashing but experience no cognitive dissonance while they support Obama's increases of the Bush agenda.

    If we truly want to support peace, we cannot support the corporate takeover of our own country's political process and we must develop the ability to discern fact from fiction, rhetoric from policy. The Obama administration and its media supporters are responsible for the vast majority of the injustices taking place in our world, and to a lesser extent than those who blindly follow these public servants as they invert their roles in our society.

  2. issoaum -

    thanks for your comments. I appreciate feedback.

    Your points on the larger lens of politics and policy shaping the condition the world is in today is well taken - and not one that this blog is designed to address or comment on. But I do understand your general point.

    That said, my comments and praise for Maddow were quite specific - as noted by the clip I attached. It was Maddow that made a point to point out the nonviolence and peaceful intentions of the Egyptian people.

    Certainly Maddow's show has a lot of opinion in it. But she is no Olberman, and one would be greatly mistaken to lump them together in the same pot. The clip I reference has nothing to do with Bush bashing, Obama agenda...etc. Simply Maddow brought to our attention the Peace and Nonviolence efforts and desires of the Egyptian people.

    The sole point of this blog entry was to say for that, we should take a stand. And leave the rest to the messy world of political, ideological discourse to which it belongs.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    As soon as you pointed to Rachel Maddow as a legitimate news reporter you lost my support.

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Point taken Rev. David.

    And I must admit that the reference to Maddow was ancillary to your message, and did not necessarily merit a comment thread taking away from the point of peace. But I do have a strong interest in ensuring that we are as honest with our politics as we are with our personal growth. And I thank you for hearing me.

    I also thank you for the post and the reminder of our interconnectedness. This is something I want my focus to continually be turning toward.

  5. Housemom1952 -

    Well, what I actually said was that there are SEVERAL places to get news on the subject - and that (my opinion) she was among some of the best - I thought her interview with Madeline Albright was informative - for example.

    Nonetheless - the focus on Maddow really misses the point. The entry is about Peace and Nonviolence - which Maddow did a fine job of bringing to our collective attention. But never mind her, and never mind my opinion of her... I appreciate your reading of the blog and honest feedback.

    That said, I"m not seeking your support, the Egyptian people are.

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Even here something posted with the INTENT of bringing our community together in a spirit of peace for the people of Egypt is degraded into base argument?
    Let us all the perfection of Egypt and of our own homelands and as Rev. Cynthia James sings "Come On and Check Your Intentions"

  7. God Bless your pointed heads! Rev. David I applaud your conviction to point to our New Thought philosophy leading A way towards a greater peace. "How Peaceful the World could be if people were at peace with themselves" I am proud of you Rev. to your fans, or not, we'll be holding for you! Love, Jami

  8. Dena McClung11:46 AM

    Thank you, Rev. Alexander. Egypt has been on my mind, and in my heart, thoughts & prayers since this uprising began. I am grateful that many of us will be holding Egypt and the world in consciousness as a result of your article.

  9. Noel McInnis1:10 PM

    Statements of prayerfully applied principle like this one convince me your/our CSL is on the cutting age of community spiritual practice.



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