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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Global Village is Calling...

The Global Village is calling.... YOU!  Are you answering the call?  Whether its the earthquake in Japan, the uprisings in Egypt, Lybia or the unions in Wisconsin, there is one thing that is clear...There is a whole lot of shaking going on!  Not just earth shaking, consciousness shaking - we are being called to WAKE UP!  Can you hear it, feel it, sense it in your bones and in your soul?  Wake up calls serve to help us remember who we really are.  We are not isolated beings fighting for our own destiny and salvation, we are one global family - tied together in what Dr. Martin Luther King called "a single garment of destiny."  We are in this thing called life, together.  The world is asking us to wake up and remember and to begin building a world that knows and practices this.

Now I don't care much for politics and don't want to get "too involved" in the details of what is happening in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and other places - but what I do know is that we are all bound together.  I do know that if we don't start looking after each other and creating a common good - then we are doomed.  There is no "us" and "them" - there is only the One Spirit that is seeking to make itself known through all of life and creation.  Might it be time, well past time, that we awaken to this Truth?  In New Thought we say "Demonstration is the only authority"  well, the demonstration of the world right now, is that what we've been doing is not working and it's time for some New Thoughts....

I believe in a Global Vision for good.  It's part of my spiritual practice and my core spiritual tradition.  

I believe in the vision of a world that works for everyone, where there is generous and ongoing sharing of resources and heart and where borders are irrelevant and forgiveness is the norm.

I believe in a global community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, thereby bringing the gift of active compassion and kindness to the world. 

Join me in consciousness, join me in action, join me in prayer.

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